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Service Level Agreement

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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Alterascape LLC ("Alterascape") is committed to providing the highest quality data center services to its customers. The following guarantees are available to eligible Data Center customers ("Customers") that are receiving Colocation, Dedicated or VM services within the physical confines of Alterascape's Data Center pursuant to an agreement with Alterascape.  The following guarantees are only applicable to those services originating within the Data Center and do not apply to any additional or external services that Customers may receive.

  1. Availability Guarantees.
    1. Hardware Availability. Alterascape guarantees that all Alterascape-owned hardware operated and maintained on behalf of Customer or used to provide hosting services will be operational a minimum of 99.99% of the time in each calendar month for standard Data Center Service. In the event of a dedicated hardware failure, Alterascape will repair or replace the faulty equipment within 2 hours of the diagnosed condition.
    2. Alterascape Data Center Network Availability. Alterascape guarantees to supply Customer with Alterascape Data Center Network Connectivity at least 99.99% of the time in each calendar month. "Data Center Connectivity" means the connection provided by Alterascape from the Customer's server uplink point through the Alterascape Data Center Network up to Alterascape's ISP Network demarcation point.
    3. Power Availability. Alterascape guarantees to supply contracted AC power to Customer's service at least 99.99% of the time in each calendar month.
    4. Alterascape Internet Service Provider ("ISP") Network Availability. Alterascape guarantees the ability of Customer to connect to one of Alterascape's Internet Service Providers at least 99.99% of each calendar month. ISP Network unavailability means a failure of Alterascape's ISP Network, for reasons not involving the Alterascape Data Center Network Availability Guarantee, resulting in Customer's equipment being unable to connect to any one of Alterascape's Internet Service Providers.
    5. Service Credit for Unavailability. For each calendar month, if Customer experiences availability of Alterascape infrastructure below the committed availability service level of 99.99%, Customer will receive a Service Credit. The amount of Service Credit that may be granted, upon compliance by Customer with the procedures herein, is as follows:
      Maximum service unavailability due to unscheduled downtime is 5 minutes per month. In any calendar month, if there is a period of Unavailability of 5 minutes or greater due to unscheduled downtime, the Customer will receive Service Credit based on the following schedule. Customer may obtain no more than one (1) month Service Credit for any given month and in no event shall the total amount credited to customer exceed the total fee paid by customer for the affected services
      Unscheduled Downtime per Calendar Month Approximate Service Credit Equivalent Service Credit Amount based on monthly charge for affected Service
      0 minutes – 5 minutes none 0%
      5 minutes – 119 minutes 1 day 3%
      120 minutes – 239 minutes 1 week 25%
      240 minutes – 479 minutes 2 weeks 50%
      480 minutes and greater 1 month 100%
    6. Definitions.
      1. "Unavailability" for purposes of the Availability Guarantees of Section 1 shall not include (and for which no Service Credit shall be granted) any period of unavailability due to Planned Maintenance, Special Maintenance or any of the following:
        1. Acts or Omissions of Customer or Customer's authorized users, including, without limitation, violations of the applicable AUP (Acceptable Use Policy);
        2. Failure of Customer or third party software.
        3. DNS (Domain Name Server) propagation or DNS issues beyond the reasonable control of Alterascape;
        4. Customer added equipment or systems such as firewalls and filters.
        5. General Internet outage that affects more than one major telecommunications carrier or ISP and is beyond Alterascape's control; and
        6. Malicious behavior such as DOS (denial of service) attacks, viruses, sabotage, hacking, or other attack.
      2. "Planned Maintenance" shall mean planned maintenance that shall occur weekly, on Wednesday, between midnight and 3 a.m., Eastern Time ("Maintenance Window"). Planned maintenance shall not result in greater than 10 minutes of unavailability to Customer in any given month. Alterascape may change or add Maintenance Windows upon email notice to Customer.
      3. "Special Maintenance" shall mean specially scheduled maintenance period for the purpose of performing additional testing or maintenance of Customer's service. Such Special Maintenance will be scheduled in advance, in coordination with Customer, and agreed upon in writing.
    7. Service Claim Process.
      To initiate a claim for Service Credit with respect to any Guarantee, Customer shall submit a completed Service Credit Request within seven (7) days after the end of the month during or for which the event occurred which gives rise to the claim for Service Credit. Such request Service Credit Request must include (a) the Customer's name and contact information; (b) the date, beginning and end time of the claimed Unavailability and (c) a brief description of the characteristics of the claimed outage and a description of the affected services.
    8. Service Credit.
      Upon receiving a Service Credit Request, Alterascape will calculate the duration of any such Unavailability to Customer. If Customer's Service Credit Request is approved, Alterascape shall issue Service Credit to Customer's account, which shall appear in the month following the month in which the Service Credit Request was approved. If rejected, the notification will specify the basis for the rejection. Customer shall be notified via email upon resolution of the request. The Service Credit provided for herein is conditioned upon Customer's compliance with the terms and conditions of its service agreement with Alterascape. Service Credit shall be Customer's sole remedy for any Unavailability.
    9. Benefits and Burdens.
      The SLA shall be binding upon, and shall inure to the benefit of, the parties hereto, and their respective legal representatives, successors and assigns.
    10. Amendments.
      Alterations or amendments to this SLA shall be communicated to Customer via e-mail or Alterascape website posting prior to taking effect.